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Yoga teacher mentoring is an essential part of both becoming a yoga teacher and as an ongoing relationship during a yoga teachers life.  I’ve always thought that becoming a yoga teacher is a little like being an apprentice.  It’s the closest thing I can think of to compare it to and financially it’s pretty similar too!

Initially there isn’t any financial reward and teacher training costs money.  What follows is a period of helping out in classes as part of the training where you are learning from someone experienced but still not getting paid.    Upon completion some yoga teachers then seek out work at existing yoga schools which is very competitive.  Others elect to work independently which requires further cost to set up and maintain a client base.  After a few years the teacher may be successful and earning a living.  So, you see, it’s not the easiest path to choose and this is where mentors can help.

A good yoga teacher training is at least 12 months long and includes having a mentor to guide you. The mentor is usually a senior teacher (10 years +) and may provide guidance in a number of ways.  They may allow a teacher trainee to observe or take parts of a class and ask questions.  Real life learning is so important, it really is the best way to learn and we all have to start somewhere!

How Important Is Yoga Teacher Mentoring?

Yoga is such an experiential practice that having a mentor, in my opinion, is essential.  Many questions come up during this initial period of training.  A mentor can be a trusted individual that the yoga teacher can learn from but also confide in.  As many of you already know, yoga is much more than a series of physical exercises.  It’s a  multi dimensional practice affecting every part of our being.  Shifts in awareness of ourselves and the world around us often happen during this time.  The mentoring relationship can be a sounding board for these challenging times.   Having someone to talk to makes adjusting easier.

I’ve been involved in yoga teacher mentoring for many years in Perth.  Mentoring is a two way street and as well as mentoring yoga teachers, I also have mentors of my own that I connect in with regularly.    This helps us be the best yoga teachers that we can be and help each other grow through sharing our collective experiences.

So, on that note, I’m delighted to introduce my newest mentee Michelle! Some of you will have met her already in the Thursday morning class where she will be continuing to attend and start some practicals soon.  Please make her feel welcome and say hi, here is a bit more about the lovely Michelle!

Michelle – Yoga Teacher Trainee

Michelle Shannon Yoga


Hi, I am Michelle and I am feeling excited and very privileged to be doing my practical yoga teacher training at Charleyoga.

I have been teaching various forms of fitness, including body balance and pilates since 2000.  I have also been attending yoga classes, albeit not always regularly since I was a teen.  Like most people what first brought me to the mat was the physical.  However,   over time, I continue to practice not just for the benefits yoga brings to the physical body but for the union of body, mind and spirit.  Yoga is what helped me breathe through 3 childbirths.  It continues to help me now to keep calm and focused in this ever changing world.

I will always be a student of yoga and I look forward to my ongoing yoga education and the journey ahead.  Thank you all in advance for assisting me on my journey ~ Michelle

Charley Hickey



About Charleyoga & Charley Hickey

Author: Charley Hickey C-IAYT is a practicing yoga therapist and senior yoga teacher who runs group and private yoga classes in Applecross, Bateman & Fremantle, Perth.  She also runs specialised yoga workshops for yoga students & yoga teachers.