Yoga Near Fremantle "Letting Go"


I think we all know someone who gives the well-meaning advice of “Just let go…”.  I should know as I am one of those people and chances are if you are reading this, you’ve heard me say it during a yoga class! It’s easy advice to give but much harder in practice.

The picture above is an accurate representation of what “Letting Go” really feels like sometimes. Often there are no hearts & flowers, sailing off into the sunset, epiphanies, blue skies & rainbows. There is not always immediate relief or the anticipated sensation of a weight suddenly lifted from our shoulders. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still practice letting go, it just means that we must accept the challenge in its entirety. It won’t always be pretty!

What I’ve realised through my own ongoing practice and guiding others through theirs is that letting go is a process. A process that takes time, practice, patience and perseverance. Something that at times you think you have mastered and then realise quickly when the next time comes around that you are back to the pulling your hair out stage again!

For example, just recently I’ve been quite unwell with a virus that started during my holidays. I realised I wasn’t going to be able to go back to work as planned. In the past, I’ve struggled with letting go of my work responsibilities, partly because I enjoy it so much and love to be around the students that come to our classes. This time I again went through this struggling phase but realised much more quickly that I had to let go of it. Sure enough a bunch of relief yoga teachers came to the rescue, work was put on hold for a couple of weeks and nothing bad happened. That’s not to say I didn’t still have a few “hair tearing out” moments but they passed and I’ve been able to take my time to recover as I probably should have other times.

Just like most things in life, letting go is a process; an ever repeating one. It’s most certainly worth the effort just not always as easy as it first sounds 🙂

Charley Hickey

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