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Truly, I mean it, this is the ultimate goal of a practicing yoga therapist.  I really don’t want to see you anymore because that means that I have done my job and you are doing yours 🙂

If you are are unsure what yoga therapy is, here is a good definition – Yoga Therapy empowers and supports individuals to manage their own health and well-being using the principles of Yoga and applying a range of Yoga practices developed within a professional therapeutic relationship. (Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists

Note “manage their own health and well-being” When a yoga  therapist works one on one with a client, the aim is that you actually write your own “prescription” that fits with your own life, your way for your own unique goals.  A yoga therapist guides you in this process but is hardly ever “telling you what to do”.  This is what makes yoga therapy so damned effective, that’s why it feels so manageable and easy to integrate your practice into your day.  A good yoga therapist will listen to what will work for you and never try to force their own way of doing things onto you.

We are here to connect with you regularly whilst you are integrating your practice into your routine, which can be a bumpy road at first but then, we are happiest when you are off on your own doing your own practice.   We’re keen to help you if you lose control of the reins every now and again or would like your practice updated but for the most part we don’t want to see you anymore!

Ok, so I’ve never met a millionaire yoga therapist but honestly, when I bump into a client months later and they say “when I was doing my practice the other day…” – that is worth more to me than any amount of money ever could.  I think “Wow, someone actually read that and still benefits from that crumpled up piece of scribbled hand written notes with the badly drawn stick figures on it from ages ago!”

By the way, I really didn’t mean it, I do love seeing you all but it made you learn a bit more about yoga therapy if you didn’t before so my work here is done, thanks for reading!

Charley Hickey

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