Leave your hats at the door…..

It’s school holidays so I was playing lego with my six year old. I decided I may as well embrace it fully so built this. It’s a yoga class of course just in case you didn’t pick up on that through my somewhat rudimentary building skills! There’s a bit of a double entendre to the “Leave Hats Here” sign which I pondered as I was constructing this. Once we enter the yoga space, wouldn’t it be great if we could remove all of our metaphorical “hats” as easily as taking off an actual hat and placing it on a rack for a while? I guess that over time, yoga practice helps us to do this more easily. At the end of the day, when we are on our mats in class, there is also a part us that is the “same” as the next person – much easier for the lego dudes to see that as they are quite literally all the same!

I also purposely made the yoga teacher the red caped, masked villain – once she has derobed, she’s a fairly standard sort of looking chick really. Another important thing to remember in class, the teacher is just an ordinary person and yogi too, a student first and teacher second, there to simply guide the students through their highly individual personal practice ~ wow, who would have thought building lego could be so deep and meaningful! See you in a few weeks in class, bookings are already open ~ x Charley