International yoga Day PerthYou may have heard already that International Yoga Day was declared by the United Nations and first marked on 21 June 2015.  You can read a bit more about how that came about here if it interests you

There are many events happening globally to mark International Yoga Day this week but to be perfectly honest, we are doing absolutely nothing!

One reason for that is that I am a little burnt out and disillusioned with a lot of what the yoga world has come to recently represent in our country. Don’t get me wrong, there are many positives too and I won’t bore you with my endless opinions.  However, sometimes it feels as though I am wading through syrup when trying to impart what I feel to be a genuine practice of yoga.

As a small yoga school, it can be exhausting to keep up what with what is current including having a Facebook page, BLOG, Instagram and website.  It’s necessary to keep on top of it in order to stay relevant and it has its merits too, you are reading this after all.  Yoga studios are popping up on every street corner.  Not that this is a bad thing in itself either but things seem to be moving very fast for a practice that by design takes time, effort and a “slowly, slowly” approach.  The teacher training requirements are shorter, the classes themselves are paced faster (some only 30mins in length) and the turnover of studios also at lightening speeds!  To my mind, this all seems to be missing the point somewhat?!  Maybe I’m just getting old but I’m finding it hard to keep up with the pace.

So, that is why we are having an anti-celebration and declaring International Yoga Day as a day of “being” not “doing”.  Organising an event just seemed too much effort.  It would have most definitely sent me into a state of “doing” all over again.  I’m happy to be teaching my classes on the 21st June.  I may or may not  mention the significance of the day depending on if I remember or not!

How To Celebrate International Yoga Day

My suggestion is that to celebrate, you take some time this week to simply “be”, whatever that means to you.  It might mean hopping on your mat for some personal practice.  It could be noticing your breath at a time when you normally wouldn’t.  Another idea might be to take some time out with your family.  Try doings something that you really love that you haven’t for ages, just for the heck of it.  Sitting quietly and enjoying some internal peace whilst sipping on a warming cuppa also sounds pretty good!  To me, this is yoga in action : ).  Thank you to everyone who has organised events for others to attend and “be” at.  I admire your energy and enthusiasm but that’s just not going to be me this year.…maybe next year….

Charley Hickey