I may be taking a risk here, questioning Facebook through a Facebook post but hey, that’s what Facebook is all about right?  I’m questioning, not insulting, just to be clear!

Charleyoga uses Facebook to keep in touch with you all, our interested followers.  It’s an amazing platform which we love using and intend to for many more years to come.  We do however also run a yoga school.  This of course is our core work which we try our best to be absolutely amazing at to keep our loyal followers happy.  I was really disheartened this week to find that my Facebook page has been labelled with a status/rating for how quickly we respond to messages that come through our Facebook page.  We are not displaying a high rating for this because guess what – our response time is 11 mins (averaged out to one hour) which is apparently TOO SLOW! Too slow?  They clearly haven’t read our blog about how “Slow Is The New Fast”, since this is the heart of our teachings.  We love helping people to slow down a little every now and again.

Speed alone is an awful way to measure the responsiveness of a business, it’s so much more than simply replying at super speed.  If we have to do it within 5 minutes at any time of the day or night then I’m proud to say that we don’t have a good rating for replying to messages!

So, although it may sometimes take us a whole hour to reply (yes a FULL hour!) this is because we may be resting between teaching classes, helping someone else, perhaps even sleeping.  What I can guarantee you though is the response you will get from us will be 100% personal, authentic, measured and will address each of your questions with the thought and care that we think you deserve.  That is why we have loyal customers, not because we respond in less than 5 minutes to a message.

I’d love for you to put a comment on the Facebook post that you followed to get to this link if you agree with some of what we are saying and guess what, we will even respond to it but maybe give us a few hours 🙂

Actually, I’d also like to thank Facebook as I wasn’t sure what to write in my BLOG this week but this really gave me something to think about!

Charley Hickey