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A Thank You Note From A Yoga Therapy Client

I just had to share this lovely thank you note from one of my private yoga therapy clients.  It  reminded me that writing thank you notes is really important as it absolutely made my day to receive this.  Yoga therapy is an emerging field so it’s nice to share when others have had successful experiences to help raise the profile of this profession.  I have a few more testimonials for yoga therapy fremantle from clients if you search under the “testimonials” category on this BLOG.  You can read more about private yoga therapy sessions and how they might help you here.  Yoga therapy is quite different to attending a general yoga class and provides the client with a tailored practice to suit  individuals needs.

Yoga Therapy Fremantle Testimonial

“Just writing a thank you note, which I am happy for you to use as a testimonial. I came to see you a couple of years ago, after being seriously ill for several years. I was feeling fragile, feeble and fearful. It was hard for me to know what was going to be possible for my ageing body in the ‘new normal’ post illness.

Your guidance and professional care was the most perfect thing I could have received. Just wanted to let you know that now – two years or more down the track I am doing aerial yoga, and eight dance classes a week: even performing at the Crown with far younger dancers than me. I feel so happy to be ‘back in my body’. It has it’s limitations, but only real ones.

Thanks to you I learned to explore my limits, carefully and courageously. Rather than shrinking and turning into a prematurely aged person, I have a fantastically full and enjoyable life. Thank you for your part in getting that re-started.” – Liana

Charley Hickey