Doing Yoga...

I’d just like to make it clear that yes, I have put the pictures and the captions the right way around. The picture on the left is of me doing my yoga practice and the picture on the right is me posing for a photo and not doing yoga. To explain, I get annoyed (yes sometimes things do annoy me!) every time I see a photo of someone striking an impressive looking yoga pose ~ perfect body, no sweat dripping into their eye, no wobbles, perfectly coiffed hair, etc etc. There is nothing wrong with this in itself but please keep in mind, this is NOT yoga! It is someone posing for a photo (often a model!) just like I am in the right hand picture!

If you are interested, in the first picture, my husband is the photographer. We had a last minute opportunity to head out to dinner in Fremantle due to an offer from my sister to have our youngest son sleep at her house. I was so stoked, as much as I love my kids, my husband and I hadn’t had any alone time for ages! As you can see from my smile, I was just so happy, grateful & enjoying life as it was unfolding in that moment – this is yoga.

In the second picture, I was driving the Gibb River Road with my family. From memory, on that day it had been a very long day in the car and things had gotten heated a few times! We stopped at this lovely spot and I took advantage of the view and conveniently placed rock table to strike a pose so I would have a photo to post on Facebook later. Although it looks picture perfect, I wasn’t really in the moment at all and simply striking a pose! Can you see the difference now?

Lovely yoga pictures are just that, lovely pictures. A picture never tells the whole story, it captures a moment and our mind fills in the rest of the story. It concerns me that beginners to yoga might think they have to be like this in order to come to a yoga class.  If you want to get the whole story, come to class, laugh when you wobble, wipe the sweat from your eye if you’re having a hot flush and revel in the variety of students in the room, all there for a common purpose – The True Practice of Yoga 🙂

Charley Hickey


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