Up And Down Yoga Breathing

Yoga In 60 Seconds ~ Up & Down Yoga Breathing


Are you breathing right now?


The most important yoga breathing technique to master is the one that you are doing right now!  And, since you’re already doing that, this lesson is over! No special technical instructions are required; your breath is already perfect for you at this moment.  Can you notice it now?  How do you know that you are breathing? 

We can spend so much time trying to improve our breath when we should first practice surrendering to the natural breath.  What is it like to watch the natural breath?  From a seated or standing position, see if you can tune into it without any intention of change or improvement.  It’s quite challenging and your mind may naturally try to interfere and change things!

The natural breath is subtle and light.  Think about how it was a moment ago before I asked you to notice it and see if you can return to that.   Then, tune into the natural up and down movement that occurs with each breath cycle. As you inhale, there is a subtle upward movement through the body and as you breathe out there is a subtle downward movement as everything relaxes back to where it began.

Breath awareness is a subtle, yet profound practice that cultivates self-awareness; our ability to observe what is happening.  Noticing what is already happening is essential before we can make change.  

Try a whole week of noticing your breath like this a few times day even if it’s just for one breath and see what you discover. I’d love to hear how you go with it.

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