Yoga Fremantle

Looking for gentle, beginner-friendly yoga in Fremantle? Charleyoga is here to help!

Charleyoga was created to provide a first class, accessible yoga experience to Fremantle residents. We pride ourselves on being able to introduce first-time yoga students to the benefits of the practice, while at the same time providing supportive, challenging, and rejuvenating yoga services to more seasoned yogis. Regardless of your skill level, Charleyoga welcomes you to join our classes anytime!

Our friendly and skilled teachers incorporate a range of related techniques into some of their sessions. These include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • And more!

About Charleyoga

Founded by Owner and Teacher, Charley Hickey, Charleyoga aims to make yoga classes accessible to all abilities, including those with injuries and bodily restrictions.

Our yoga classes are designed with specific therapeutic goals in mind each week.  For example, we may focus on releasing the spine and improving its function in passing messages to the rest of the bodily systems.  We’d spend most of the class on our backs to do that where the spine is best supported.  Other weeks the focus may be on something entirely different, like strengthening the legs and hips.  In that case we might do a few standing sequences.

Our yoga classes will be manageable for most people with occasional movements that might have to be avoided if you are very restricted. In that case you can take a bit of extra rest time and breathe! It’s always a little different each week but everything is explained in detail and a variety of options are given so that everyone can join in.

The Charleyoga Promise

Student satisfaction is incredibly important to us. We want every Charleyoga class to be as enjoyable as possible. In support of this, we make the following promises to you:

  • We will always provide a supportive yoga experience.
  • We will only use qualified and experienced teachers
  • We will never force a student to do anything they feel uncomfortable doing.
  • We will always welcome feedback and communication.

So don’t delay, book yourself in for some gentle, nurturing yoga in Fremantle right now! Call 0439 966 059 to book, or book online here. We look forward to meeting you!