Yoga Applecross

Looking for friendly, accessible yoga in Applecross? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The team at Charleyoga pride themselves on delivering yoga classes that cater towards first-timers as well as veteran yogis, including seniors. Whatever your yoga experience level, so long as you are able to participate in gentle exercise then you are very welcome at our open level classes.

As well as yoga, the services and classes we offer include components of:

  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Therapy
  • And more!

About Charleyoga

Founded by Owner and Teacher, Charley Hickey, Charleyoga aims to make yoga classes accessible to all abilities, including those with injuries and bodily restrictions.  We do not try or pretend to be everything to everybody.  We specialize in what we do and hope to help you move more freely in your body, mind and breath. If you are under the care of a health professional, as long as you have clearance to do some gentle exercise then we are happy to have you in class.

Plenty of very fit and healthy participants also come to class each week.  It’s still great to move and connect with your body, whatever your ability. That’s really what we are all about, helping you to get in touch with your body, however you find it to be on any given day. Hopefully you leave your yoga class feeling better than when you began!

The Charleyoga Promise

We’re passionate about ensuring you receive a pleasant yoga experience, regardless of your experience level. In support of this, Charleyoga makes the following promises to all our clients:

  • You will always work with an experienced, qualified and supportive teacher.
  • Teachers will always provide guidance when you need it and leave you to it when you don’t.
  • You will never be pressured into doing anything you feel uncomfortable doing.
  • We will always be receptive to your feedback and communication.

So, if that all sounds good then book yourself in for some rejuvenating yoga in Applecross right now! Call 0439 966 059 to book, or book online here.  We look forward to having you along!