Relaxing Mini-Retreat Handouts

Thanks for joining us at our Relax, & Renew with the Power of Your Breath Mini-Retreat.  It was a pleasure to have you along and we hope that you enjoyed it.  You are welcome to send us any feedback here, good or bad as it helps us to improve either way!

Here are the links as promised to help you along your way should you feel to continue on with a few things or just stay in touch.

Facebook – Follow our Facebook page here to  stay up to date with our happenings, follow our BLOG & specials that we offer from time to time.

Pranayama (breathing) read a bit more about it Here

Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation – download a free 10 mins yoga nidra guided relaxation here

Spinal Tension & The Breath – read more here about the interrelationship between them

Alternate Nostril Breathing – a safe, easy breathing technique  to help restore focus, calm the central nervous system and improve thinking,  instructions here Alternate Nostril Breathing

Thank You