Essential Oil Room Spray



100% natural aromatic mist containing pure essential oils.  100ml stainless steel spray bottle that can be refilled from our money saving 500ml plastic refill bottle.

Cleansing  – this one’s great for masking unpleasant odors in the kitchen or bathroom as it has quite an intense smell (not overpowering though!) contains juniperberry, lemongrass, clary sage & rosemary pure essential oils.  We often spray this one around the room in class.

Meditation – a more subtle smelling blend with lavendar, lemon, frankincense & cedarwood pure essential oils.  Great for creating a relaxing environment, slowing down at the end of the day or before sleep, nice to use in your living area or meditation space.

Romance – a gorgeous musky floral scent with rose geranium, patchouli & ylang ylang.  Lovely for in bedrooms.

Happy – an uplifting blend of sweet orange, rosewood, patchouli & ylang ylang. Spritz some happiness into your surrounds!



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Cleansing Blend



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