Lesley O’Hara

Lesley O'Hara

Lesley O’Hara

I first became interested in Yoga as a way of helping my lower back pain and sciatic nerve problems.

After attending yoga classes for over a year I realised they had pretty well eliminated my sciatic and back problems so I decided to take it further and become a teacher.  This would be a good way of ensuring I would maintain good overall body health for the rest of my life while at the same time helping others to achieve the same.

Another major benefit for me in doing yoga was learning breathing and relaxation techniques.  In our busy world it is so hard to find a quiet moment and place to unwind and de-stress.  I know the students really appreciate the relaxation time at the end of each class when they are given permission to really relax as they cut themselves off from external issues and worries.

Since starting teaching ten years ago the content of my classes has evolved to bring in other movements to enhance the yoga base.  My aim is to keep the body flexible, strong, coordinated, balanced, toned and de-stressed.

Not long after completing my yoga training I also became interested in Nordic Walking – an excellent aerobic activity that uses the whole body – and have been a qualified instructor for over 7 years.


  • Yoga Teachers Certificate
  • Certificate III  Fitness
  • Anatomy and Physiology Certificate
  • Senior First Aid
  • Mental First Aid Certificate
  • Nordic Walking Instructor’s Certificate