Leah Ferrarini

Leah in front of DoorI am of multi-ethnic descent, born and raised in New Zealand.  My Maori spiritual foundation is grounded in my beautiful people Ngati Kere of Ngati Kahugnunu. As early as I can remember I embraced and experienced the unseen mysteries of life. I have danced between the darker and lighter sides of life.  Learning the lessons has been a motivating force behind my determination to be the best version of myself, and sharing this knowledge with others along the way.

After having my children, a series of devastating life events provoked a search for healing. Yoga gave me back my health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – freedom to live!

My love for yoga and tantra naturally evolved, I did various trainings and then in 2009, I began teaching. I then went to Bali and graduated from the ‘School of Sacred Arts”.   It was at this time that the natural holistic healing power of Ayurveda, the sister science and medicine of yoga became an everyday practice in my life. To follow my heart and pursue my dreams I moved to Bali 2012.

I am blessed to be in a loving supportive marriage of 23 years, we have a beautiful son and daughter. My passion is learning deeper levels of self-knowledge and self-acceptance through yoga, Ayurveda, tantra, music and dance.  “Know thyself, heal thyself”. Empowering people so that they can feel more alive to love, move, breathe, and connect from their own insight, wisdom and understanding.

Currently, I am employed with Dr Sujatha at the Ayurveda Clinic in Ubud, Bali and also teaching children’s yoga at Pelangi International School.  I coordinate and teach at various retreats in Bali. Periodically returning to Perth teaching yoga for the “Sanctuary of Tantra”, and “Charleyoga”.


  • Ayurveda Basics and Beyond: with Dr Sujatha
  • School of Sacred Arts: Yoga Teacher Training
  • Sanctuary of Tantra Practitioner Training
  • Yogahealth: Teacher Training
  • Reiki 1 & Reiki 2
  • Bachelor of Arts, Double Major: Sociology and Aboriginal Studies