Janine Banks


Janine BanksMy first experience of yoga was during my early years of raising a family. Life was a bit blurry with chronic tiredness when I noticed a sign outside the local recreation centre advertising a yoga class. I went along, curious and hoping for a good stretch and some quiet relaxation.  The once a week class quickly became the one weekly appointment I worked life around so I would be there.  My children are now young adults and yoga has been a constant source of calmness and clarity for many years.  I followed my passion for yoga by completing the FinY Teacher Training course, gaining an appreciation for the science of yoga which I will be exploring for as long as I live.  I regularly attend yoga classes with teachers of varying styles, plus yoga days at the Beacon Ashram, and workshops with visiting yoga trainers.  I love bringing together what I learn from my numerous teachers and giving the gift of a yoga practise to others.

Over time, I have experienced the subtle aspects of yoga. The simplicity of connecting with your own spirit via your breath is literally a “breath of fresh air”.  Awareness of the spirit within leads to awareness of our living connection with others.  Yoga simply makes life better for all who practice.


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